Day 0–A Manifesto

May 25, 2009

The world is in trouble.

Regardless of what newspaper you read, there is an inevitability to what you’ll find. The world is not a nice place. Perhaps we’re better off than ever before, or perhaps we’ve fallen back on old ways. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is where we are (which is far from perfection), and where we’re going. And in that respect, we have a ways to go.
How does one make the world a better place? How can one make the world a better place? There are such insurmountable issues, such enormous problems, it’s easy to look at the list and become discouraged. How does one combat racism? What can one do about hate? Is it possible to defeat greed? What can you, as an individual, do against the weight of a thousand thousand little cruelties, perpetrated against a thousand thousand people?

The answer is: read this blog.

To change the world, first you must change yourself. Every day, you can do something to make the world a slightly better place. Every day, you can change one small thing for the better. It may seem insignificant, it may seem futile, but the way to true change is not from the top down, it’s from the bottom up. For, what is the world, if not the sum of a billion billion small actions?

This blog is called One Way a Day. Every day, there will be one small change to make. Every day, I’m counting on you to make them. It may be frustrating the first time, when your kindness is met with scorn. It may be frustrating the fiftieth time. But, by meeting scorn with kindness, hate with acceptance, and irrationality with reason, we can create a fairer, more accepting society.

One. Day. At. A. Time.

See you tomorrow.