Day 9–Lives and Philosophies, Part Three

June 3, 2009

Day three on our road to introspection. Today, we are going to focus on emotions.

Everyone experiences anger, sadness, joy–yet, everyone experiences them in different ways. There is no template for emotional responses. People may cope with negative emotions in varying manners, or react to positive emotions differently. Some can be pushed into emotions more easily than others, and some are pulled into emotions by different events.

Your emotional responses color everything you do. Emotion can be both a tool and a hinderance: today, take steps to understand your own.

Ask yourself: What makes me angry? Nervous? Afraid? Excited? Understand how you BECOME emotional, and then understand how you respond. What do you do when excited? Is there anything you generally do when angry? How do your emotions affect they way you act and respond?

The answer will, most certainly, be different for everyone. The only way to answer is careful self-observation. By understanding your emotions, you are one step further towards recognizing when they are a benefit, and when they can be damaging.

Think back to your emotional experiences, and examine them carefully. Find out who you are, as a person.

Go well. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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