Day 8–Lives and Philosophies: Part Two

June 2, 2009

Today, we continue our self examination, in hopes that, by understanding ourselves, we can better understand others.

Everyone has their own standards of morality. Depending on beliefs and upbringing, many may disagree over what is “right” or “wrong.” People have differing opinions of the morality of such issues from abortion and homosexuality, to the death penalty, to speeding. Each person may come to a different conclusion about what they believe to be “correct,” one which you may find either reassuring or reprehensible. Today, we are going to focus on one thing: how do you determine what is morally correct?

Throughout our daily lives, we must make choices between right and wrong, and each one of us judges in a different manner. Some may use religion, some may use their reason, some may merely do what “feels” right, and some use a mix. The question is: how do you yourself define something as morally correct? How do you determine what is the “right” stance to take.

Again, it’s a personal question. There’s no absolute answer; rather, there is only what you can come up with. Try to make a statement of morality: what you, yourself, use to determine right from wrong.

Then, come back tomorrow.

See you then.


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