Day 6–Perspective: a New View

May 31, 2009

Ask yourself this question: on average, how often do you think of the effects your actions will have on others?

Of course, from an early age, we are all told to respect others’ feelings, to treat others they way we want to be treated–yet, for most of us, our actions and responses are still mainly focused on self interest. We act in ways which benefit us, yet decry others when they act in similar manners. The main problem is most have no concept of what it would be like to be any other person.

Understanding is key to acceptance. Today’s job is this: the next time someone acts in a way you don’t  understand–perhaps in a way which offends you–hold against your initial reaction. Ask yourself: “Why are they doing this? What could their thoughts be? Could there be a reason for what they are doing?” Put yourself in their situation, their mindset, and try to understand them.

As a first step, it is the start of a new way of thinking: one of thinking of others, rather than oneself. It can change your attitudes, your presumptions, and most of all your responses to others. There is nothing more others can ask of you.

It’s a start.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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