Day 3–Action

May 29, 2009

Insignificance is an ugly word.

The word is bantered about quite frequently, in our society. Our world is filled with more than six billion people—to many, the quantity defies comprehension. There is little significance attached to one being in a throng of billions. What action can one person take that affects the world?

Perhaps one person is insignificant. Perhaps a hundred people are insignificant. But the world lives and breathes because of the billions of small actions, whose sum makes up the entire world. So many small actions together must be significant. And a movement must always start small.

Today, find something you’re passionate about. Do something to alert others about the same issue. Write a letter to a congressman, make posters—find some way to get word out. You don’t have to start a crusade: all you need to do is make sure your opinion has made an impact on someone.

And that’s a start for today.

See you tomorrow.


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